Lead Organizer

San Francisco | Pronouns: They/Theirs or my name

How to say their name Kay-Eye and spelled K.I

K.I was born in San Francisco and raised in Bayview Hunters Point. They are a unicorn, that represents their identity as GNC, full of love, passion and truth. K.I is third generation of incarceration of their family and second generation born stateside and of Samoan descent..They are a student of life. The lived experiences they have faced from structural institutions that do more harm then healing pushes K.I to continue the fight for liberation for the ones who have no access, who are navigating social normativity, and for the right to be able to just live in a world that isn’t a linear structure. They came to SF YWFC in 2015 going into 2016 through a focus group about “what is freedom” with other young folks. Every since then YWFC has been a part of K.I’s life. In 2017 K.I became staff and from then on they continued to grow as a leader.