Raylene Mancilla

Self-Determination Life Coach

Pronouns: She/Her

Raylene is a resilient Chicana born and raised in San Jose, with roots in Michoacan and D.F, Mexico. Growing up with a single, young mother and being the oldest of seven siblings, her family faced many challenges. The most detrimental being poverty, injustices in the welfare system and constant displacement. After entering foster care, she knew that caring for others and helping families like her own would be extremely important to her.

As soon as she could, she began volunteering at her community events, took an opportunity to become a mentor for youth in Santa Clara County and has since continued to amplify the voices of our young folks and support local grassroots organizations. She’s a mother to three blessings who inspire her fight for future generations and of course her own. She firmly believes “we are the change we want to see in the world” and if we don’t challenge ourselves or society’s stigmas and statistics, change cannot be encouraged.

Raylene brings her community background knowledge, natural leadership and healing as a Self-Determination Life Coach in Santa Clara County. She joined YWFC in November of 2020.