Eve Mariam Woldemikael

Participatory Defense Coordinator, Statewide

Pronouns: She/Her

Eve grew up in a multicultural family in Irvine, California and is of Eritrean heritage. She is passionate about learning languages and values travel as a way to expand our vision of what is possible. Having lived in many countries and visited family in Asmara, Eritrea as a young person, Eve envisions liberation as wide as the world. Her curiosity and life experiences led her to earn a degree in Africana Studies from Brown University in 2016. Through her work and research in Brazil, Peru, and Portugal, she has been inspired by the power of community-based transformation.

Eve is dedicated to creating a more just, loving, thoughtful world and sees the decriminalization of women, girls, trans and gender nonconforming folks at the forefront of this struggle. As Participatory Defense Coordinator, Eve organizes with families and loved ones fighting their cases to bring back the power to the community in the courtroom. Eve joined the center in September 2019.