Annavae Sifuentes

Youth Leadership Fellow

Pronouns: She/Her

Annavae is the second youngest out of four siblings, born and raised in San Jose. Both her parents, also born and raised in San Jose, had kids at a young age. Annavae had seen her family in and out of the system at a young age and recognized how the system was failing her loved ones. She’s experienced being criminalized by the police throughout her entire life. After she was arrested, she had a tough time getting off probation. It wasn’t an easy journey, but she had help. In the summer of 2019, she started working with Desiree and YWFC, and a few months after, she finally accomplished the goal of completing probation. She started working with YWFC because of her history and her family history. She wants to make a change in the system because the way people are getting treated is ugly in her eyes. Nobody should be made to feel like they are nothing, instead they should be supported and motivated. There was a point when Annavae wanted to give up and just drop everything but then, once working with YWFC, she really connected with the center. 

She’s a xicana and she matters. As a Siblings on the Rise graduate, and now a community organizer, she’s proud to be with YWFC. She’s excited to be part of a community where we game each other up and appreciate and uplift everyone’s story. Annavae intends to have those stories be heard and can’t wait to see the changes they inspire.