Priscilla Yruegas

Youth Organizer – Santa Clara County

Pronouns: She/Her

Priscilla is a current fellow with the Young Women’s Freedom Center for WYMT. She was born and raised in San Jose, CA, a very diverse community with many minorities who are criminalized. Growing up, Priscilla experienced a lot of emotional traumas starting at a really early age as a result of the abuse she faced. After having a few family losses, Priscilla experienced issues with her mental health which led to dropping out of high school and being incarcerated at age 18. Reaching out to community based organizations gave her the support needed to feel seen and regain her strength as a young woman who was capable of much more than what society labels her to be. Now, Priscilla has committed her life as a young mom to the Young Women’s Freedom Center looking to empower and share her stories to other young mom’s who may be navigating through similar experiences. 


What I mostly look forward to about WYMT is about being able to hear other young mom’s stories.