Myra Mcclain

Youth Organizer – San Francisco

Pronouns: She/ Her

Myra is a young African American woman and a mother of three beautiful children. She is from Fillmore, San Francisco. Myra has been involved in the criminal system since she was 18 and was in and out of jail for half her adult life. She is now working on getting her life together and loves being a youth organizer. Her dream is to work with youth and help them escape the system. 

Myra wants to use her experience to support youth going through what she has survived. She now has the strength and capacity for guidance to help the youth beat the system and know that change is possible. She wants to become a case manager and work inside jails with youth and adults who are incarcerated. Myra is hard working, outgoing, and smart. She is very dedicated to her job and the youth. And she is always looking forward to learning from the youth and hearing their stories. She is grateful and blessed to be a part of the Young Women’s Freedom Center family.