Morgan Booker

Program Manager – San Francisco

Pronouns: She/Her

Morgan was born and raised in Oakland CA. She has always felt as though she was too much. Too black. Too weird. Too open. Being open has opened her up to unimaginable pain, and also unimaginable possibilities. 
Morgan is a writer, an artist, a facilitator, a dreamer, a creator, a gamer, a communicator, and most importantly, a listener. She loves to listen and to hold space for others. She is also incredibly passionate about the Bay Area. When she was a child she desperately wanted to get out of it. It was too much, too loud, too close knit, too violent. However, now that she is back, she wants to hold space with those who feel like puzzle pieces that don’t fit. Because she is one too. She holds a MA in Applied Theatre from CUNY School of Professional Studies and a BA in Theatre Acting From California Institute of the Arts.