Desiree Victor

Site Director – Santa Clara County

Pronouns: She/Her

Desiree stands in her power as a self-identified Xicana, born and raised in San Jose with roots in Sahuayo Michoacan. She brings her lived experience, a Master’s degree in Mexican American Studies/Education, and 15+ years of community work to her role at YWFC. Grounded in community knowledge and ancestral wisdom, she uses the critical lens of a feminist of color to contextually call out injustices that oppress communities of color, specifically those that affect young women. 

As a pregnant high school push-out by the age of 15, Desiree returned to school at 19 (then with 2 sons) to pursue her G.E.D. She attended community college, transferred to San Jose State University and went on to acquire her Master’s degree. Through it all, she learned that she was not the labels and lies placed on young women like her. She is working to build a world where all young women feel in their spirits that they are capable and they are worthy, just as they are. She is a committed mother of 3, loves writing poetry, and has a passion for Chicanx and family history. Desiree has been working with the YWFC since January 2019.