Black Girl Be Well Healing & Wellness Summit is a one day conference created for black girls and TGNC young people by black girls and TGNC young people.  At the Summit, young people will use their voices to build personal and collective power to make their communities better.

Registration for this event is required.  To register as an event participant click here.  If you want to support the brilliance and power of black girls and TGNC young people in Oakland and want to volunteer to support this event, sign-up here.

TaMeicka "Ifasina" Clear


Also known as Tha Hood Alkemist, I am a fat, Black, genderqueer-femme from the South, living in East Oakland - Pronouns: femme/they/them. I began organizing work around LGBTQ issues as a homeless queer youth, which led to working with and for the liberation of Black folks. I am an aspiring stage actor, performance artist, dancer and spiritual teacher. As Leadership Director, I bring the teachings of my elders in the Ifa tradition, the energy of the elders and community of Black folks that raised me with my own vision and experience of personal transformation and healing through meaningful work. I believe that connection to culture and community combined with the cultivation of skills innately within us forges leaders that are accountable and dedicated to their community.

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