Apply for Sisters & Siblings on the Rise Program in Oakland!

Sisters & Siblings on the Rise (SoR) is a paid Internship for cis and trans young women and girls, trans young women and boys, and gender-expansive youth – ages of 16-21 – who have been involved in the juvenile justice system and/or the underground street economies and want to make the transition to sustainable employment. This is a paid employment opportunity ($18.00/hour for 15 hours a week) that is designed to provide young folks with transferable job and entrepreneurship skills, training, opportunities for healing and self-care, leadership development, and support to define their personal next steps.

Siblings on The Rise interns are civically involved in the community by:

  • Serving as a culture keepers and ambassadors of the YWFC Oakland Site!
  • Gaining exposure to various healing, self-care, and creative arts opportunities and bonding trips!
  • Leading community projects, learning advocacy techniques, conducting street and digital outreach, working on organizing campaigns, and building upon leadership skills.

Decarceration of Girls & Young Women

In partnership with the Akonadi Foundation, YWFC has been working to radically transform the ecosystem in Oakland from one that criminalizes and incarcerates young people to an ecosystem that supports wellness, safety, future success and justice for young people. For 3 years, our Sisters on the Rise program in Oakland has served 30-45 young women and gender-expansive young people annualy. In Alameda County, YWFC has also worked hard to stop plans to invest $75 million in building a new juvenile justice “camp.” 


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  • Oakland Re-Imagine Youth Justice: A five-year campaign to radically transform the ecosystem in Oakland from one that criminalizes and incarcerates young people to an ecosystem and community-based alternative model that supports justice-involved young women and gender-expansive youth in reaching their full potential, accessing economic opportunities and becoming agents of change in their own lives, families and communities. 
  • Sisters & Siblings on the Rise: A personal transformation, leadership development, job training and well-paid internship program. Oakland YWFC is now accepting applications for Sister & Siblings on the Rise 2021.
  • Peer-based Outreach, Advocacy and Crisis Intervention: Peer advocates have been the most successful at finding and engaging the young people in YWFC programming through peer-to-peer referrals, community and street outreach.
  • Freedom Circles: Grounded in self-determination, positive peer relationships and relationships with caring adults, our weekly, two-hour Freedom Circles provide healing and support for young people navigating to stay out of the system. 
  • Self-Determined Life Coaching & Healing: After stabilizing and receiving immediately needed support and services, participants are assigned a life coach to partner in designing a self-determined life plan.
  • Self-Determined Housing & Re-Entry: Support for people re-entering after being incarcerated, including housing support and referrals, systems navigation, job training and placement and technology and life skills after being denied access while inside. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, YWFC will piloted a re-entry housing project in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oakland has been specifically offering an arts, healing, and re-entry program.
  • Participatory Defense: In partnership with DeBug, YWFC organizes young people facing sentencing and their families to organize court support and advocacy to reduce sentencing.