A just re-entry for cis and trans young women, and gender-expansive youth

YWFC-LA launched in 2019 as a part of our Freedom 2030 mission to end the criminalization and incarceration of cis and trans young women, trans young men, and gender-expansive youth in California by 2030. Our LA team is building the power and leadership of formerly incarcerated sisters and siblings to change the ecosystem in LA to welcome and support the successful re-entry of people from prisons. We are leading change towards justice and community-based diversion and re-entry. 


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  • Self-Determined Re-Entry: A leadership cohort and re-entry support for formerly incarcerated young people.
  • Freedom Circles: Grounded in self-determination, positive peer relationships and relationships with caring adults, our weekly, two-hour Freedom Circles provide healing and support for young people navigating to stay out of the system. This work includes court support and systems navigation.
  • Self-Determined Support & Healing: After stabilizing and receiving immediately needed support, participants are assigned a self-determination advocate to partner in designing a self-determined life plan.
  • Self-Determined Housing & Re-Entry: Support for people re-entering after being incarcerated, including housing referrals, systems navigation, job training and placement and technology and life skills after being denied access while inside.
  • Participatory Defense: In line with our strategy to build power and reinvest in those directly impacted we have launched our Participatory Defense program which organizes young people and adults with active court cases and their families to organize court support and advocacy to reduce sentences. Our horizontal model enables our base to come together and with families to share their experiences and expertise to support and advocate for one another alongside our organizers.