In countless ways, our society criminalizes childhood for poor youth and youth of color. Their lives are viewed through a criminal lens, such that the systemic response to developmentally normal behavior is arrest and court intervention. Youth are frequently placed on indefinite probation, turning subsequent teenage mistakes into a repeating cycle of probation violations and custody time.

Through our movement-based legal advocacy, we will target county level delinquency practices that fuel youth incarceration and inform the Freedom 2030 legislative agenda and identify legal strategy in support of it. 


Partnership with Youth Law Center:

YWFC partners with Youth Law Center (YLC) on a Restoring Childhood Campaign to identify legislation and impact litigation toward decarceration and decriminalization of youth and families statewide and specifically in SF, Santa Clara, Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Partnership with Root & Rebound:

YWFC is building a partnership with Root and Rebound to provide legal support and advocacy for our participants and staff to address legal barriers and challenges in their lives so that they can be freed up to lead. 

Restore Childhood:

A campaign to an advocacy campaign to restore childhood for system-impacted youth of color and low-income youth.

part of a broad vision for ending criminalization of girls, women and TGNC people, this campaign will utilize strategic legal advocacy designed to build the power of impacted communities and advance the movement for reform.