Freedom 2030:

Our decade-long campaign led by formerly incarcerated and systems-involved girls, women and transgender, gender non-conforming (TGNC) people toward the ultimate goal of ending incarceration and criminalization of our families and communities, and replacing both with transformative justice processes and community-based alternatives.

Freedom 2030 is a ten-year political organizing, culture change and legislative campaign led by formerly incarcerated and systems involved girls, women and TGNC people that will: 

  • Identify specific legislation packages that can effectively break cycles of poverty, violence, exploitation, criminalization and incarceration;
  • Engage in a people’s budgeting process towards reallocation of funds from incarceration and criminalization to true community safety and transformative justice;
  • Engage public officials, artists, academics and community leaders as champions;
  • Use a comprehensive communications strategy; and 
  • Build a statewide movement toward decriminalization, decarceration and transformative justice. 

Freedom 2030 Long-Term Goals:

These priorities were established at the March 2019 Sister Warrior Freedom Coalition Policy Summit in Oakland, California where over 150 formerly incarcerated girls, women and TGNC people came together to identify campaigns toward fulfilling our Freedom Charter and our Freedom 2030 legislative agenda and support campaigns.

  1. Investment in systems-impacted girls, women, TGNC people and our families, loved ones and communities, including preventing separation and supporting reunification.
  2. Ending the profiting off of incarceration and the criminal legal system.
  3. Ending mandatory minimums and stopping enhancements.
  4. Creating oversight and security methods that keep people safe and protect their human rights while incarcerated and in systems.
  5. Replace existing systems and legislation with those that uphold and are accountable to the Freedom Charter and to those most-impacted.