Development Associate and Data Analyst


The Program Analyst is responsible for supporting and advising the Director of Strategic Projects in planning, managing and evaluating operations, programs and processes to ensure strategies support long-term sustainability. The Program Analyst will also work closely with the Executive Director and Executive Team to ensure all processes for data tracking and evaluation are cohesive, documented, and supportive of long-term sustainability across all teams and departments. Additionally, the Program Analyst will work closely with the Development and Fundraising Team to support with managing data, writing reports, and providing data for grant writing on an as needed basis. 

This position requires someone that is:

  • Strong communication, strong listening and verbal/written communication skills, including but not limited to sending clear and prompt emails, and leading conference calls and meetings
  • Comfort with reading and analyzing numbers and online data entry platforms, and ability to design and use spreadsheets
  • Participate and committed to all work activities including personal/professional development workshops, scheduled leadership training, reoccurring staff meetings, partnership meetings, etc
  • Flexible and may be required to work on some nights and weekends to meet hard deadlines with the Development Team
  • Demonstrates an openness to learn and grow in a fast-paced startup environment, self-directed and committed to playing a role in a dynamic and growing team

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Support design and implementation of data collection and tracking based on measures and tools created by Rami and Associates
  • Oversee and report on metrics and outcomes of various programs on a quarterly and annual basis 
  • Analyze and oversee programs, policies and procedures to assist in the development of processes to optimize data collection
  • Advise and site directors on the management of day-to-day documentation and new/revised systems, policies and/or procedures for data collection of programs across sites 
  • Conduct research on potential and prospective donors, foundations, and other income sources, and provide profiles to Executive Director and Development Team with suggested next steps
  • Collaborate with the Director of Strategic Projects to ensure the organization is meeting all reporting deadlines and completing all grant reports, including gathering needed information in advance for the final report
  • Work in partnership with the Executive Director and Finance Director to ensure that there is clarity and cohesion around income, reporting, etc.
  • Provide monthly program summaries to the Executive Team including quantitative and qualitative data
  • Work in conjunction with the Executive Director, Director of Strategic Projects, and any other appropriate staff members and or consultants to develop and implement evaluative tracking systems for all YWFC programs and initiatives.
  • Ensure that all fund development materials, reports, grant proposals, budgets, etc.   are organized and kept updated on the YWFC google drive ORG Fundraising on a weekly basis and that any changes to the fund development files are first approved.
  • Other writing projects, proposals, and or projects assigned by the Executive Team


  • At least two years of data collection and analysis experience, with the ability to collect and analyze data across all sites and use spreadsheet and data entry platforms
  • Exceptional organizational, attention to detail and administrative skills (Proficiency with Google Suites, calendaring, confirming facilitators, youth  have adequate transportation, etc.)
  • Clear, direct, and diplomatic communication skills, and the ability to empower and communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds, in person, over the phone, and via email

How to Apply: 

Please send your resume and a thoughtful, one-page cover letter to, using the subject line “Program Analyst_(LastName)”

Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 30, 2020. 

We strongly encourage candidates who hold marginalized identities and nontraditional professional backgrounds to apply. Young Women’s Freedom Center does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we’re not able to respond personally to every candidate. We do review every submission carefully and we will contact those who we’d like to interview.

Position Title: Development Associate and Data  Analyst 

Program/ Department: Administrative Team

Work location: San Francisco, Remote, and travel as needed

Reports to: Director of Strategic Projects 

Classification: Full-time (1 FTE), 40 hours/week, permanent, Non-Exempt

Salary: $22-$31.25/hour (commensurate with experience)

About Young Women’s Freedom Center:


Founded in 1993, Young Women’s Freedom Center (YWFC) is a leadership and advocacy organization led by systems-involved young and adult women and transgender gender non-conforming (TGNC) people of color who have grown up in poverty, worked in the underground street economy, and have been criminalized by social services such as foster care, welfare, and the mental health systems.

By offering safety, sister- & siblinghood, economic opportunities, accessible education and healing, we build self-determination, confidence and self-worth. 

Our sisters and siblings support one another in living self-determined, healthy and fulfilling lives, while building our individual and collective leadership to change conditions, culture and policy toward decarceration and decriminalization.

We believe that those most impacted by cycles of poverty, violence, exploitation and incarceration are the experts in their own lives and best positioned to identify and lead the change needed to support true and transformative justice.


To create a groundswell of formerly incarcerated and systems-impacted girls, women and TGNC people to lead a movement to successfully decarcerated girls, women and TGNC people in California to lead Freedom 2030 – a ten-year political organizing, culture change & legislative campaign.

What we Know

  • Those most impacted by incarceration and cycles of intimate, community and state violence have the most information and are best positioned to lead legislative and community-change toward safety, healing and transformative justice. 
  • When girls, women and TGNC people most impacted by these cycles lead, we bring everyone with us. Our families. Our communities. Our societies. 
  • Poverty is a key driver of incarceration and recidivism: Girls, young women and TGNC youth living in poverty experience high rates of sexual exploitation which leads to further risk for incarceration.
  • Providing economic opportunities for formerly incarcerated and systems-impacted people is crucial to breaking cycles of poverty, exploitation and incarceration. 
  • The skills used to survive the street, incarceration, foster care and public institutions are transferable to movements for change, social enterprise and community businesses.