Freedom 2030 Launch – 3/9/20

For more than two years, the Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition, a movement of hundreds of formerly incarcerated girls, women and TGNC folks, has been organizing to shape a California where we can be free. The result is Freedom 2030, a 10-year political organizing, culture change and legislative campaign that will end the criminalization of girls, women and TGNC people in California.   

Led by us and for us, this campaign will focus on the following long-term goals:

  • Invest in formerly incarcerated, systems-impacted girls, women, TGNC people and our families, loved ones and communities, including preventing family separation and supporting reunification.
  • End profiting off of incarceration & the criminal legal system.
  • End mandatory minimums and stopping enhancements.
  • Create oversight & security methods that keep people safe & protect their human rights while incarcerated and in systems.
  • Replace existing systems and legislation with those that uphold and are accountable to the Freedom Charter and to those most-impacted.

On March 9, more than 500 Sister Warriors from around California will gather at the state capitol to launch the campaign. Freedom 2030 is built on our Freedom Charter, a declaration of our rights, including our right to self determination, our right to be free from violence and exploitation, and our right to economic opportunities. In the weeks leading up to March 9, we will share more about this campaign and our Freedom Charter.

Will you join us in fighting for justice and declare that you are #ReadyforFreedom2030

In movement and solidarity,

Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition
P.S. Please donate to send a Sister Warrior to the March 9th launch.