Sisters at the Center


 Pictured left to Right:  Shai Aikens: Community Organizer, Ifasina: Self-Determination Coach, Amika Sergejev: Program Manger, Lillyana Lonzanida: Community Orgaanizer, Dajah Burge: Community Organizer, Angel Cormack: Community Organizer, Giselle Barrett: Community Organizer,  Jessica Nowlan:  Executive Director,  Dafahlia Mosley:  Regional Organizing Fellow, (bottom left) Tracina Johnson:  Community Organizer,  Julia Arroyo: Program Director. 


Leadership Team



 Jessica Nowlan, Executive Director

Jessica Nowlan has over 20 years experience in fundraising,  organizational development and capacity building.  She has worked as a consultant for social justice organizations working with women and girls, youth, and people involved in the juvenile and criminal justice system.  Jessica first came to the Center in 1996,  when she was hired out of juvenile hall as a Community Health Outreach Worker for the Street Survival Project.   As a core  architect to the Center’s programs and methodologies Jessica worked closely with Marlene Sanchez, Lateefah Simon and countless other young women to build the organization's unique model for leadership, advocacy, and justice for cis and trans young women and girls that have lived and worked on the streets and that have been deeply impacted by poverty and racism. 



 Julia Arroyo, Program Director

Julia Arroyo is of Mexican/Filipino descent and identifies as Xicana. This work is personal to her because of her own involvement in the underground street economy, foster care, and being incarcerated. She has transformed her life and is committed to supporting a marginalized community of girls to break free from systemic and interpersonal violence. Julia is currently majoring in Women's Studies at San Francisco City College, has a background in community health, rape crisis support, and with CSEC (Commercially and Sexually Exploited Children).  She is an alumni of the Centers, Young Mother's United program and was originally hired in 2014 as the Self-Determination Coordinator. Julia advocates for the decriminalization of girls, and believes it is the job of everyone to create environments for them to grow and lead the next generation.



Ifasina  Clear, Self-Determination Coach

Ifasina TaMeicka L. Clear is a cis, Black, queer femme from the South, living in Oakland. Ifasina's experience as a homeless queer youth in the south brought her to organizing work around LGBTQ issues in her mid 20s. She has spent 7+ years doing organizing work and a few years doing non-profit career development work, and personal development coaching in the Bay Area. Ifasina brings these experiences, her formal and informal education, and her eagerness to support leadership in others, to the position of Self-Determination Coach.


Amika Sergejev, Program Manager

Amika is the Program Manager for the SIsters Rising Reentry program. She began organizing for Reproductive Justice and young mothers rights over twenty years ago, as a teen mama and midwife. Her passion for criminal justice reform is rooted in her own experience. She began advocating for women in prison during her seven year incarceration in the California Department of Corrections, where she served time at both CIW and CCWF. During her time inside, she was a jailhouse lawyer, paralegal, firefighter, and mentor to many youth on the yard. The sisterhood and resiliency of the women on the inside are what motivate her to revolutionize the criminal justice system, transform what true rehabilitation and reentry look like, and promote a culture of healing and restorative justice to those most impacted by the system. She is committed to lifting up the voices, visibility and leadership of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

Dafahlia Mosley, Regional Organizing Fellow

Dafahlia Mosley is 20 years old and has been working at YWFC for the past 18 months.  She is  the first Regional Organizing Fellow of the Leadership Pathways Program and prior to that was a Research Organizer with Sisters Rising.  In addition to the work at the center, she is an advocate for, not only herself,  but also others in her community. She has spoken on panels regarding the health concerns of homeless LGBTQ+ youth in San Francisco and was  featured in an Op-Ed explaining how “Pride is a Declaration of  Resilience”. She continues to develop ideas on what it means to be an African American trans woman in the world today and is committed to doing work in the community.  She is currently attending City College of San Francisco and has taken courses in the Community Health Worker Program as well as Early Childhood Education.


Board of Directors


Christina "Krea" Gomez,  Board President



 Karen Roye, Board Treasurer



Tanya Koshy, Board Secretary



 Lateefah Simon,  Board member



Jacqueline Fielder,  Board member



Hillary Blout, Board Member

Members of the Board of Directors can be reached at

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