The Young Women's Freedom Center is a leadership and advocacy organization for cis and trans young women of color that have grown up in poverty,  been involved with the system, and experienced life on the streets.



Our mission is to empower and inspire young women who have been involved with the juvenile justice system and/or the underground street economy to create positive change in their lives and communities.



We envision a world in which all young women have the support they need to recognize and eradicate all forms of oppression and to heal and live self-determined lives.

Core Values:

Sisterhood, Spirituality, Self-Determination, Social Justice

Guiding Principles:

Young Women are fierce and powerful experts, leaders and partners in all our work.

We believe that young women of color,  young women living in poverty, young mothers, Trans and queer young women are best positioned to inform, guide and manage the development of YWFC and to transform the world. 

Fighting Oppression is central to a process of healing.

We believe that to heal, young women need to recognize, understand and be prepared to dismantle the systems of oppression that affect their lives and fight for social justice.

Grounding in our cultural and spiritual believes and traditions are essential to achieving a sense of self-determination.

We expect, invite and support young women in bringing their whole selves to their work at YWFC.  We demand that young women have opportunities to develop emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually in culturally appropriate environments.

The power of sisterhood is limitless.

We believe in young women supporting, challenging and nurturing each other to heal, thrive and be advocates for change. We believe every young woman has the capacity to become a leader.

Every young woman has the right to the support and opportunities needed to achieve her potential.

We believe that in order for young women, who have experienced oppression, violence, discrimination and exploitation to become self-empowered and have agency over their own lives, they must be supported in safe environments to grow and heal.

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